benefits of reading books

  Benefits are obtained if we read the book certainly is a lot to get knowledge. generally book can help us get all the information required and also can answer questions teerkait with what we need. The book is very easy to get because right now many shops are built to membeerikan convenience to people who really enjoys reading books. The books will not change their position became one of the media for information, although now a lot of media and facilities provided to make it easier to get information such as the Internet. until now the book is still triumphed by kedudukanya proven until now are still many who use the book as a means to seek information and increase knowledge.

These books has its own uniqueness, one of which was a benefit has a book that is easy to carry wherever we go pergi.sehingga this makes the book becomes very simple, contained within the bag and each one of us want to read it we can open it. Unfortunately the book does not stand a very long period of time, because sometimes the papers are used tear for small animals which memakanya.tetapi this can be overcome if we take care of him properly, then consequently book can be stored neatly and survive long enough . so perbanyaklah read for the books that we read the more knowledge we have. and pity your bo

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