Jatijajar cave

   If you are in Central Java will be less complete if you have not visited Kebumen. Because the district known as the producer of Swallow's nest is saving a lot of tourist attraction that is very interesting to visit. Call it for example, Jatijajar Cave Park is located 21 kilometers to the south Gombong, or 42 miles west of Kebumen.
Cave Jatijajar located at the foot of limestone mountains. The object of this tour was very interesting. This limestone mountain range stretching from north and south ends jutting into the sea in the form of a cape.
As is generally the other tourism objects in Indonesia, which almost always save the legend, the Cave Jatijajarpun no exception. The word that has a story, Cave Jatjajar the antiquity of this is the place meditated Kamandaka Raden, who then got wangsit. Raden Kamandaka story was later known as the legendary monkey Kasarung. Visualization of these legends can be seen in a diorama that is in the cave.
Enter into this cave, however there is a sense degdegan. Imagine! Because it felt like stepping into a dinosaur ancient animal's mouth. Add more if you think dark horror atmosphere in the belly of the dinosaur. But anxiety was quickly dissipated, because the room is illuminated by electric lights from end to end. Although the cave's mouth wide enough, but the space is wider dinosaur stomach again. On the ceiling there is a hole for ventilation. In the middle there is a circular chair seating guests while enjoying the beautiful ornament stalactite and stalagmites and diorama Kasarung monkey legend.
After watching this dish satisfied, proceed with stairs down to the space which is the tail of the dinosaur. In this space, you can see a spring called Spring. Number of spring is there are 4 pieces, namely Spring Rose, kantil, Jombor and Puserbumi. Spring Rose believed to have supernatural powers that can make a person stay young, so every visitor is always made time to wash the face with the Rose Spring water.
Fueled by a sense of wonder and awe, without feel you have a distance of 250 meters along the belly of the dinosaurs. Fantastic is not it? And that's the reality. Not only that, even without your awareness, you have entered the bowels of the earth as deep as 40 meters. It's really a relaxing adventure that could only be sampled at Jatijajar Cave Park.

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