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"TODAY the heat." How often have you heard that statement came out of the people around you or from yourself? You are not wrong, these data indicate that there is indeed the planet continues to experience an alarming increase in temperature from year to year. Besides the hot weather around us, you must also recognize the increasing number of natural disasters and natural phenomena that tend increasingly uncontrollable lately. Starting from flood, tornado, bursts of gas, until the rainfall is erratic from year to year. Realize that these are all signs of nature that shows that our beloved planet is undergoing a process of damage that leads to destruction! This is directly related to global issues more intense lately discussed by the world community that is Global Warming (Global Warming). Is it global warming? Briefly global warming is increasing the average temperature of the earth's surface. The question is: why the earth's surface temperature can be increased?

Cause of Global Warming

Research has been conducted by experts during the last few decades show that the heat of the planet Earth was directly related to greenhouse gases generated by human activities. Especially for the overseeing of causes and effects produced by global warming, the United Nations (UN) formed a research group called the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Every few years, thousands of experts and the world's best researchers who are members of the IPCC held a meeting to discuss recent findings related to global warming, and make conclusions from the report and new discoveries that had been gathered, then make an agreement for a solution of the problem. One of the first things they found was that some types of greenhouse gases are responsible directly to the warming we are experiencing, and the creation of Man is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases such. Most of these greenhouse gases produced by livestock, the burning of fossil fuels in motor vehicles, modern factories, farms, and power generation.
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