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Potted plants
Growth and development of ornamental plants and fruit in pots walk normally supported by the media if the appropriate plants.

Composition of growing media for ornamental plants and fruit generally use a combination of soil with gravel, chaff raw, organic fertilizer [manure / compost] and others.

Namundengan his growing awareness of the value of beauty, then a few ornamental plants that are usually the outdoor plants placed in indoor conditions for some time [maximum 1 week], while for indoor ornamental plants tetapdalam position inside the room, but somewhat longer time placement [3 - 4 weeks].
By not just see the beauty aspect of indoor ornamental plant placement, neatness and kebersian aspects of planting and potting media also play a role. So my memuncul alternative planting medium [non-land], where the planting medium is intended not merely as a place to anchor the plant roots to search for nutrients, but also aims to give the feel raqpi danbersih.
Some of the planting medium composition:

1. air plant timber [ornamental plant leaves / flowers, plants fruit]
planting soil [avoid soil was clay / argillaceous] [1 part]
black sand [cimangkok] ataukerikil [1 / 2 part]
organic fertilizer (manure / compost) (1/2bagian)
raw rice husk (1/2bagian) - (optional)
husk fuel (1/2bagian) - (optional)
2. succulent plants (sansevera ornamental plants, cactus, agave
poor sand / gravel [1/2-1bagian]
husks of crude / fuel [1 / 2 part]
organic fertilizer [manure / compost] [1 / 2 part]
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