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Dragon fruit or dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus fruit from plants), including fruit is quite popular now.
The form is unique with striking colors, inviting people keingina-knowledge. Now the dragon fruit has been cultivated in Indonesia and it turns out, not just the unique fruit, tree form is also good with fragrant flowers. Simply beautiful as a garden ornamental plants penyemarak.

In her native country, China, dragon fruit, or thang-Loy classified ancient fruit. Local people consider this fruit was a blessing, because it always appears on every occasion of worship. Those Indian tribes and residents of Mexico also consume the fruit of the dragon, they call it by pitaya pitaya Roja or red. Just so you know, fruit is here classified as elite and expensive fruit, in Vietnam and Thailand - when in season, this fruit is sold in wet markets aka muddy market.

Dragon fruit plants produced a type of cactus. Mexican fruit has grown tendrils creeping stems. The green stalks with triangular shape. The flowers are large, white, fragrant and bloom at night. After the flowers wilt the fruit will be formed in each of the trunk hanging.

Cultivars of this plant originally came from the forest shade. People usually multiply plants by cuttings or sow seeds. Plants will flourish if the porous planting medium (not wet), nutrient-rich, sandy, enough sunshine days and temperatures between 38-40o C. If treatment is good enough, the plant will begin fruiting at the age of 11-17 months.
In addition to the red dragon fruit with white flesh, dragon fruit varieties are manifold. There are yellow skinned with white flesh (selenicereus megalanthus) or red-skinned fruit with red flesh (Hylocereus costaricensis). The average weight of these fruits ranged between 300-500 grams. Overview of dragon fruit taste like kiwi fruit, a combination of sweet, sour and fresh. We can eat them as a table fruit, made into pudding, fill the pie, mixed fruit salad or ice.

Behind it was a sweet, refreshing, dragon fruit is rich in benefits. Many people believe this fruit can lower cholesterol and balancing blood sugar. Indeed there has been no definitive research about the benefits of this fruit. However, given the origin of species of cactus fruit, we believe the dragon fruit contains vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium and carbohydrates. What is certain dragon fruit high in fiber as a cancer-causing carcinogen binding and facilitate the digestive process
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