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The reaction equation between two compounds: CO2 + H2O + O2 COH2

Mathematical equations: 2x2 + 3y - a2 + = 0

Giving effeck in writing in Microsoft Word is very handy, for example, gives a line of text (strikethrough), and gave 2 pieces of parallel lines in the text (double strikethrough), in addition we also used to write the formula - a mathematical formula that places text above as a2 called superscript or under b2 called subscript. In addition we also can give effects like: Shadow, outfline, Emboss, Engrave, or SMALL CAPS, or ALL CAPS and Hiden to hide the text.

In addition we also can set the spacing of the text or keystrokes that we make. Normal bias current, which can be expanded spacing between stretched or condensed writing that makes spacing between letters is getting closer. In addition, position papers can also be placed over and above from the writings of others or raised, and more down than other writing or lowered.
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