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Early years (1878-1945)Team Manchester United at the start of session 1905-06, which was then won two in Division 2 and raised.
The team first formed with the name of Newton Heath L & YR FC in 1878 as the team work of Lancashire and Yorkshire railway station in Newton Heath. The green team T-shirts - gold. They play in a small field on North Road, near Manchester Piccadilly railway station for fifteen years, before moving to Bank Street in the nearby town of Clayton in 1893. The team had entered the Football League the previous year and began to sever its links with the railway station, became an independent company, appointing a club secretary and pengedropan "L & YR" from their name to become Newton Heath FC alone ..
Shortly thereafter, in 1902, the club neared bankruptcy, with debts of over £ 2500. Field Bank Street they have been closed. [2]
Before the team they broke up, they receive investment from J. H. Davies, director of Manchester Breweries. Initially, a team legend, Harry Stafford, who is captain of the team, showing off the dog St. Bernardnya, then Davies decided to buy a dog. Stafford declined, but was able to persuade Davies to menannamkan capital on the team and became chairman of the team. [3] held a meeting to change the name of the association. Manchester Central and Manchester Celtic is the name suggested, before Louis Rocca, a young immigrant from Italy, said: "Gentlemen, why do we not use the name of Manchester United?" [4] The name is established and Manchester United officially existed from 26 April 1902 . Davies also decided to change the team colors and red and white elected as Manchester United's team colors.
Ernest Mangnall appointed as club secretary to replace James West who resigned on September 28, 1902. Mangnall working hard to lift the team into Division One and failed on his first attempt, ranked fifth League Division Two. Mangnall decided to increase the number of players into the club and recruit players such as Harry Moger, Dick Duckworth, and John Picken, there is also Charlie Roberts who made a huge impact. He purchased 750 pounds from Grimsby Town in April 1904, and brought the team to third position klasmen end of the season 1903-1904.
They then promoted to Division One after finishing the season ranked two Division Two 1905-06. Their first season in Division One ended poorly, they ranked eighth klasmen. Finally they won the first league title in 1908. Manchester City are being investigated for paying a player above the regulations stipulated FA. They were fined £ 250 and sentenced to eighteen of their players should not play for them again. United quickly took advantage of this situation, hiring Billy Meredith and Sandy Turnbull, and others. New players are not allowed to play before New year 1907, a result of the suspension from the FA. They began play in 1907-08 season and United's title shot at that time. 2-1 victory over Sheffield United's starting ten times United's winning streak. But in the end, they close the season with 9 points advantage of their rivals, Aston Villa.
The club took two years to bring the trophy again, they won the Division One League trophy for the second time in the 1910-11 season. United moved to their new ground at Old Trafford. They play the first match at Old Trafford on February 19, 1910 against Liverpool, but they lost 4-3. They do not get the trophy again in the 1911-12 season, they are not supported by Mangnall anymore because he moved to Manchester City after 10 year with United. After that, they played 41 years without winning a trophy too.
United again relegated in 1922 after ten years of playing in Division One. They climbed the division again in 1925, but the difficulty to enter the ranks of the top league Division One and they go down the division again in 1931. United won mencapaian lowest in its history that is the position of 20 league Division Two 1934. their strength again when the 1938-39 season.
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